Onboard Guides and Resources

OnBoarding Guides and Resources

Below is a list of a number of guides that I would like you to review as these are the main functions in Workshop Software.

The OnBoarding Guides and Resources are a great place for you to find out how to do basically anything in Workshop Software and a way to solve problems you might have. Simply visit https://help.workshopsoftware.com/ and use the search bar to find what you need.

Here is a list of the top dozen items you should review right now:

  1. Setting up your Company Profile
  2. Set up your Company Settings:
    1. On the left-hand side options, select Settings
    2. Select Company Settings
    3. Make sure to Input ALL fields under Company Settings and Tax Settings headings
  3. Add your Mechanics: Adding a Mechanic
  4. Vehicle Next Service Date set-up: Update Next Service Date
  5. Automatic Reminders set-up: Automatic Reminders Set-up
  6. Create a Booking: Create a Booking
  7. Create a Customer Invoice: Create a Customer Invoice
  8. Create a Customer Payment: Create a Customer Payment
  9. Credit a Customer Invoice: Credit a Customer Invoice
  10. Create a supplier stock order (and attach to customer invoice): Process a Supplier Stock Order
  11. Create supplier invoice: Creating a Supplier Invoice
  12. Create supplier credit: Credit a Supplier Invoice

Master Class

We also offer a FREE training web-class that covers the above and much more, to make sure you get off to a running start! Access the MasterClass here.

I am really excited to see where this software will take your business and will be here every step of the way to help you excel!

How to get Support & Training

As discussed, the best way to get support for Workshop Software is by sending an email to Support at [email protected]. A member of the support team will reply with a solution or a guide that will help solve your issue.

If you require consulting or training beyond the On-Boarding process, additional paid training can be organised. To schedule these, please contact us.

Integrates with your entire toolkit

Workshop Software seamlessly syncs with all the critical systems and tools that power your business. Accounting, marketing, CRM, purchasing, Digital Vehicle Inspection, and more are all connected in one place and safely secured in the cloud.


No starting from scratch, lost data, or disruption to the business. 


Don’t see your system or need customization? Get in touch!

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach for your workshop, and we always add new integrations.


Don't see your system or need customisation? Get in touch!
We don't believe in a cookie cutter approach for your
workshop and we add new integrations all the time…

Transform Your Workshop
into a Profit Machine

Completely optimise your workshop and free up your time with an overflowing
suite of versatile features that handle every aspect of your busy,
hectic daily operations.

Streamlined Workflow

Manage your entire workflow in one place from start to finish via an easy-to-use dashboard. Track job progress, stock tracking, quotes, staff allocation, invoicing, and more.

"I needed workshop specific invoicing software, I chose this software as it was the best one I found that could do what I needed. I’m better at organising my work and it looks very professional, I do recommend this software as it’s easy to use."

Zane Kieser,
Byron Shire Auto Repairs

Customer Management

Take the stress and time out of managing customers with automated text messages, emails and reminders. Deliver customer service like the ‘big shops’ – without the cost or overstaffing.

"So glad we made the leap and started using this software! We know we don't use it to its full capacity being a small business but it has been a godsend for our sanity! Thanks James and team!"

Deana Blackwood,
Blackford’s Mechanical &
Auto Electrical

Dead Simple Invoicing

Get paid in full and on time, manage cashflow and keep pinpoint accurate books with simple invoicing that integrates directly with your accounting systems.

“The software has simplified the paperwork side of our workshop. Everything in one package, stock to invoice.”

Tommy Glover,
Advance Service Centre

Automated Service

Increase your leads, conversions and income with automated service reminders that bring customers back through your doors. It’s like having a full-time marketing assistant working around-the-clock.

“The System is Awesome. I have been using it for a bit over 12 months now. The sms reminders are fantastic. My customers love get a reminder to service their car and I love my customer returning."

Ted The Tooner

Efficient Customer

Auto-compiled, paperless inspections make job management simple and efficient from first quote to completion. Deliver details and costs to your customers’ smartphones. Then get the go-ahead with one click.

“Really happy with Workshop Software simple and easy to use, also it’s web base so I can access it anywhere to do an invoice as I am mobile Mechanic.”

Michael Triscari
Perth Mobile Mechanics

Technician Productivity

Track technician hours to maximise their productivity (and your profit!) with simple time clocking, job progress tracking and real-time photo management using our innovative mobile app.

“Workshop software is a fantastic application for small to medium workshop environments.Great application which has even bigger and better things to come.”

Ben Broeder,
Goldfields Off Road

Plus So Much More...

“I love that you can keep track of the data and bring up vehicle history, so that when a customer comes back a while later we can bring up what we had previously done.

In a few years it’s going to be great that we still have a record of all our customers, vehicles and suppliers. It’s awesome.”

GDL Automotive Services

“The help guide section of the program is really good. Well explained, also means I don’t have to ring up and I can sit down and learn it better while saving time. The integrations such as Covvs, Repco and Ashdown are really helpful and save a lot of time overall a good program.”

GTN services

“We searched for a suitable software for 12 months and finally found Workshop Software. The software has made our day-to-day running of the business much easier. Their support have really helped us along the way while learning the system and we are very happy.”

Nev’s Automotive and 4×4

“The SMS function is fantastic. Our customer’s recognise the professionalism in getting a text reminder. This paired with the Auto Inspection tool really sets us apart from other workshops in our customer’s eyes. The after sales experience is great. We cannot fault the system.”

Stevenson’s Automotive Services

“I’m a solo mechanic and Workshop software makes invoicing so much quicker and easier, it’s a really great program.”

Meyer Mechanical services

“Easy operating system that does the job professionally.”

Complete Auto Care


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Workshop Software is an online Workshop management software system designed to streamline your automotive mechanical workshop. Handling all the front end operations from bookings through to job card and invoicing; along with full customer, supplier and product management; plus much more.