MOTOR Labor Times Integration with Workshop Software

American users in the US can can now benefit from streamlining team workflows, giving quotes with ease and getting big results from customer trust to have safer vehicles on the road with increased gross profit in your business!

Installing MOTOR Labor in 1 Click

MOTOR labor times is a simple addition now fully integrated and functional with Workshop Software. Implementation is simple with a single click of acceptance of the small monthly investment and you’re up and running.

Using MOTOR Labor times inside Workshop Software

MOTOR Labor times are extremely simple to use with a single click in the Invoice/Quote/Booking screens jump straight into Labor times. From there, you select the type of labor you wish to lookup, and click the green plus ( + ) symbol to add the labor time onto your booking/quote or invoice. You can also perform this function from within the Vehicle Inspection Tool. You can select multiple labor lines by jumping from one section to another. For example, you may want to add labor times for Brake Pads, and you may also want to add a Suspension job too.

You can very quickly and easily add as many Labor times as you like.

And because Workshop Software is directly integrated to MOTOR, any labor time updates that happen at MOTOR are instantly reflected in your Workshop Software lookup. Because Workshop Software is a cloud based online system, you don’t need to install or update or have any complicated set-up and maintenance or wait for updates. It all happens automatically for you.


MOTOR Labor Times Integration
MOTOR Labor times integration with Workshop Software

Why use Estimated Work Times?

Estimated Work Times provides tried and tested timing for a huge range of commonly performed vehicle maintenance and improvement jobs.  MOTOR use a standardized service to set the industry standard for mechanical labor times. Consumers in the US want automotive store owners to use this trusted product so that they know their labor timing and parts on invoice are accurate. Make sure you’re not missing out on customers by avoiding MOTOR.

Be a transparent, data-driven workshop that can cater to light vehicle, sports car, 4×4, truck, repair, fleet and dealership work with the help of MOTOR labor times.

Get in touch today to build the business of your dreams using Workshop Software store management solutions with the best labor timing option out there.

Start your FREE Workshop Software trial by clicking the yellow button today. Watch the video below to see MOTOR labor times in action and integrated with Workshop Software.



For more information, check out this page: https://workshopsoftware.com/motor-labor-times/


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