Re-Authorising Xero after 12/12/2022

Due to the server issues on December 12th 2022, your Workshop Software account may require Xero to be re-authorised so that data can sync across.

To resolve this and resume the integration between Workshop Software and Xero please do the following:

    • Select Integrations in the left hand menu bar
    • Select Accounting Integration
    • Select Xero

Click the blue ‘Authorise Xero’ button.

This will take you through to the Xero login page. Enter your login details and then select your company file. If you have more than one company file associated with your Xero account it is very important that you select the company file that was previously integrated with Workshop Software. If you are unsure please contact support.

Once you have logged into Xero and returned to Workshop Software, you can do a manual sync by selecting the Xero button in the top hand corner: