Edit a processed invoice using the edit button

There are two methods for editing a processed invoice. This depends on what field you would like edited.

The below fields can all be adjusted with the Edit button method provided in this guide:

    • Order Number
    • Follow Up Date
    • Odometer
    • Hours
    • Next Service – Kms
    • Description
    • Invoice Notes
    • Job Card Notes

For any other fields these cannot be edited on the existing invoice. However you can copy this current invoice and be able to make the changes you require.

Please note: By copying the invoice, the new invoice will have a new invoice number and you will need to remember to void the current invoice.


1. Open the processed invoice.

2. Click on the ‘Star’ button on the right hand side of the invoice, then click ‘Edit’ Invoice.

3. Edit your desired field(s) and click ‘Save’