Allocate a part payment against a customer or supplier invoice

This guide will show you  how to allocate  a part payment against an invoice, for instances when a customer is wanting to pay regular payments  over time.

If the customer is a cash customer (Account Type is CASH), the invoice type will need to be changed to ACCOUNT. This enables the invoice to be processed with a balance due amount, which can then be paid off overtime.

Once the invoice has been processed, it will show a balance due amount. You can then allocate the part payment against the invoice to reduce the balance.

1.       Click on the ‘+’ icon at the top right of the page and select Customer Payment from the  dropdown  menu;

2.       Search for the customer and double click to select;

3.       Click on the green search icon to bring up a list of invoices with outstanding balances;

4.       Click on the invoice to be paid. Please note that only processed invoice(s) will appear on the list. Then click on the green ‘Select’ button;

5.       Enter the payment details;

    •          Change post date if necessary
    •          Click into the Applied Amount field to enter the amount being paid
    •          Select the Payment Method
    •          Click the green Apply button
    •          Click Process to process the payment


6.       The invoice details will now show the amount of the invoice and the balance owing;