Getting Started User Guide

This guide covers all aspects of Workshop Software.

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Please note that this guide covers most of the main set-up functions. While it is updated from time to time, some of the screens may not exactly match what you might see on the latest version of the system.

Logging in to Workshop Software



You will have a unique web address for you company’s workshop software system. This will be advised to you during the sign up process. You will then also be prompted to create a username and password. You can edit this user, create new users and restrict user access once you are logged in.

 If you happen to forget you’re simply select the ‘Click Here’ to get a new password:



System Setup

To get you started using the software as fast as possible, there is just a few details you need to setup before you start. We recommend you setup;


  • Profile – your business details and company logo, this is also where you can purchase SMS to use SMS features
  • Settings – Company Settings, Xero, Repco and Users.
  • Suppliers – Enter in &/or make sure all the creditors you send and receive orders from as well as all your utility companies and any other companies you regularly invoice in from are in Workshop Software.
  • Products – Enter in &/or Make sure all your Parts, Consumables and Labour Job Codes you invoice in and out are in the system.




This is where you configure your Company Profile.



To access Settings, select the ‘Settings’ option.


 1. Company Settings

Please note if you do not wish to send a particular reminder, but would like the other one sent, just leave it blank.


Please note if you do not wish to send a particular reminder, but would like the other one sent, just leave it blank.


Check out this video for more information:

2. Reminders

The system will automatically send service due reminders by the customers preferred method of contact.(email or SMS)

  • Click on Settings> Reminder
  • 80
  • Swipe yes to edit the deafult messages (remember to use the % when needed)


  • Save

3. Xero Settings

Xero is a beautiful online accounting package which can be integrated with Workshop Software to run the back end of your workshop.  This means you can process invoices and payments in Workshop Software and they will instantly sync across into your Xero account.

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen and then click on ‘Xero Settings’.


Click on ‘Authorize Xero’ from the bottom right of the page

  1. Edit the General Ledgers as advised by your accountant
  2. Enter the correct tax rate
  3. Click on ‘Save’ from the bottom right of the page


You are now ready to sync Workshop Software with Xero

Click on the Xero icon at the top right of the page, next to your company name and logo.


Check out this video for more information:

4. Repco Settings 

Link your system with Repco Navigator pro.

12 13


For more information check out this video:

5. MYOB Settings

Workshop Software has the ability to sync with either accounting package Xero or MYOB. Workshop Software will sync with the MYOB online version so that all transactions processed in Workshop Software will instantly be viewed in MYOB.

Go to ‘Settings’ & ‘MYOB Settings’ in Workshop Software



Select ‘Authorise MYOB’ 


 Authorise your Account with MYOB by placing you credentials in the log-on option as below


Select you correct Accounts in the fields, as per below


Select ‘Sync’ to do a first time sync between the systems. This should sync over details either form Workshop Software or MYOB


Click this video for more information:

7. User Settings


8. User Setup/Maint.


Add new User :


 Group: Admin, Manager and Owner have access to Settings.

User is restricted.



Please note we have available a full Guide on Importing. If you would like this emailed through please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more info click this Link: 


You can enter all the details of the companies you purchase stock, consumables or any other services from. Once they are in the system, you can then list them as the supplier for parts, send orders and receive supplier invoices etc. as listed in the next section.

To Create a Supplier

  1. In the Supplier screen, Click + to Create New


Enter the Supplier Details




Quick Keys


  1. Edit Supplier – Ability to Edit any details for the Supplier.
  2. Create Supplier Invoice
  3. Create Supplier Stock Order
  4. Make a Supplier Payment
  5. Send Supplier an Email



You have the ability to delete a Supplier if you accidently add them into the system. As long as they do not have history (such as unpaid Transactions), delete. They will then appear in the inactive section (by selecting the ‘Active’ tab to ‘Inactive). You can then re-activate.



For more info watch this video:



Products are any Goods, Services, Parts or Sublet Services (Outsourced Services) you provide to you buy from your suppliers and/or sell to your customers. Products have to be in the system before you can invoice them out.


To Create a General product/Part 

A general product is a product you buy and sell and want to keep track of the quantity you have in stock as well as the profit you are making on it.

  1. Click the + to Create New
  2. Enter the Product Details
  3. Select the main Supplier of the Product
  4. Set the Retail Prices
  5. Enter the Cost Price (this will be updated every time you receive a Supplier Invoice for the product)
  6. Enter any other details as applicable
  7. Save




To Add a Bundled Product

Bundled Products allow you to create Kits, for e.g. you may perform Brake Service’s and within that service you charge for certain Parts. Bundled Products enable you to add sub-products to particular stock/services.

  1. Select ‘Bundled’ in the Top Right Hand Corner in your Product detail screen, and then ‘Save’.
  2. Add Bundled Items by selecting the ‘+’ (you can add as many Products as needed). To delete Products just select the Bin Icon and then ‘Save’.
  3. To place onto an Invoice add Product as usual. It will appear Blue rather than Green. You can delete Product and Bundled Products by selecting the Bin Icon.



To Create Consumables 

A consumable is something you may buy &/or sell and may or may not need to keep track of how much you have. For example you may need to charge an environmental levy or general workshop oils used and don’t need a quantity in stock to keep track of.

  1. Click the + to Create New
  2. Enter the Product Details
  3. Select Option for ‘Do Not Update’ to Yes if you do not need to keep track of the stock.
  4. Set the type to Consumable
  5. Enter the Retail & Cost Price – if applicable, you can leave blank and set the price when invoicing
  6. Enter any other details as applicable & Save



To Create a Service or Labour Line 

A Service/Labour line is work that is done rather than products, therefore you can track Mechanic Times against these lines to accurately calculate their profit.

  1. Click the + to Create New
  2. Enter the Labour/Service Details
  3. Select Option for ‘Do Not Update’ to Yes if you do not need to keep track of the stock.
  4. Set the type to Labour
  5. Enter the Retail & Cost Price – if applicable, you can leave blank and set the price when invoicing
  6. Enter any other details as applicable
  7. Save



To Create Sublet Services 

A sublet is a service/Labour you outsource to other businesses to do on your behalf then you charge the customer. For example if you needed to send a vehicle to a Detailer as you only do the repairs but you will charge the customer for all the repairs and detailing.

  1. Click the + to Create New
  2. Enter the Sublet Service Details
  3. Select Option for ‘Service’ & ‘Do Not Update’ to Yes if you do not need to keep track of the stock.
  4. Set the type to Labour
  5. Enter the Retail & Cost Price – if applicable, you can leave blank and set the price when invoicing
  6. Enter any other details as applicable & save.




For more info check out this video:

Using Workshop Software

Search Functionality


You then have your Quick Keys available to achieve functionalities associated with either Customers, Vehicles, Suppliers or Products.


+ Create New


The create new panel allows you to quick jump to creating a new Customer Booking, Customer Invoice, Payment, Stock order, Supplier invoice or make a supplier payment. See the applicable areas for more information.

 Create New – Customer Booking

To create a New Customer Booking:

  1. Click on the + to create a Customer Booking
  2. Search or add a New Customer to create the booking.


3. Select the Vehicle the Booking is for, or you can add a new Vehicle



4. Create the event


5. You can then Save the Event to appear in the Calendar or you can ‘Start Job’ which will create an Invoice in the Job Centre



For more info check out this video:

Create New > Customer invoice 

To create a New Customer Invoice

  1. Click on the + and select Customer Invoice
  2. Search to select your existing Customer or click on the + to Create a New Customer Record



  1. Select the Vehicle or Add a New Vehicle if applicable and required i.e.;
    1. You may only need to invoice a part out to the customer therefore you don’t need have their vehicle details,
    2. You may have a customer you are invoicing work done on their vehicle, therefore you would select their Vehicle
    3. If the customer has an additional vehicle, you can select or create the vehicle which the work is being done on



4. Edit the Invoice/Booking Details

  • Date and you can change the status to Work in Progress if the Job is already being worked on
  • Select a Product to Invoice and check


  • Tracking Mechanical Hours


  • Select the Mechanic that worked on the Job, Enter their Start and End time
  • Return to Invoice



Create new Customer Payment 

This is to take a customer Account Payment for the customers you setup as ‘Acct’. To receive a Payment from a customer with Outstanding Invoices;

  1. Click on the + link to ‘Customer Payment’ or you could go the Customers section and select them and Click the Receive Payment icon from there
  2. Search and Select the Customer
  3. Click the lookup icon to select the Outstanding Invoice/s the customer is paying



4. Enter the details of payment, i.e. Payment method, Date, Amount

– Select “Apply”




  1. Once the invoices are selected, click to Process

For more information check out this video:

Create New – Supplier Stock Order

  1. Click on the + link to ‘Supplier Stock Order’ or you could go the Suppliers section and select them and Click the Create Stock Order icon from there.
  2. Search and Select the Supplier
  3. Enter the Due Date you need the order by
  4. Select the products you need to order and how many
  5. Process to send the order


Create New – Supplier Invoice

  1. Click on the + link to ‘Supplier Invoice’ or you could go the Suppliers section and select them and Click the Invoice icon from there.
  2. Search and Select the Supplier
  3. Enter the Reference Number (Invoice Number), Post Date (Invoice Date) or you can select the Star option to add outstanding Stock Orders.
  4. Search and select Products you received on the invoice, the qtys your received and the total cost you were charged


5. You can add any notes you would like on the invoice lines or for the total invoice.

6. Add any Freight charges (if applicable) and Process to finalise the invoice and add the products into stock.





Create New – Supplier Payment

  1. Click on the + link to ‘Supplier Payment’ or you could go the Suppliers section and select them and Click the Payment icon from there.
  2. Search and Select the Supplier
  3. Enter the Payment Date


4. Select the lookup icon to select the invoice/s you are paying


5.Add any notes if necessary and Process to finalise



Job Centre

The Job Centre shows all Saved (not yet Processed) Customer Invoices, Quotes & Work in Progress.



The general process of customer processing is;


To Create a Booking / Job Card / Invoice

  1. Select the Open Invoice in Job Centre


  1. Customer Arrives = Print Job Card: Change to ‘Yes’ for Work in Progress and Print Job Card


3. Once the Job has been Finalised/Complete Process Invoice, which will move it from the Job Centre.



This is where you can search create, invoice and make payments to customer records.


To Create a New Customer

You can create a customer when you are invoicing – see section on ‘Create New – Customer Invoice’ or to create a customer from the customers section;


  1. Click on the + to Create New
  2. Select the Option as applicable for if the customer is an Individual or a Company
  3. Select the Option for if they are a CASH or Account
  4. Enter their Details
  5. Set their Pricing (see the section on Customer Pricing & Discounts for More Information)



Customer Pricing

You can have set pricing options for customers. This allows you to have default Service Rates for Particular Customers, give them discounts from Retail Price of general products/set a Markup from the cost OR have up to 3 Set Prices for the Product then choose which Set price the customer will get the product at.



For example, I would like to set that my ‘Fleet Co.’ Customer gets Service Rate of $50.00 per hour and a 10% discount off the Retail Price of Products




The result when I am invoicing to this customer will now be;



For more info on Set Prices – See the section on Products



This is where you can search create, invoice and make payments to customer records.


To Create a New Vehicle

You cannot have a Vehicle without a customer, therefore you must first create the Customer which can be done during Invoicing; see section on ‘Create New – Customer Invoice’


If you don’t have an invoice to do follow the section on Creating a New Customer then;

  1. In the Customer screen – Find the Customer
  2. Click option to Add Vehicle


3. Enter the Vehicle Details


4. Save


Once you have done Invoices for the Customer and their Vehicle – you will be able to see Invoice History



You should add your mechanics into the system so you can record mechanics times against the services they worked on. This is how you can then report on profit made on service lines.

To add in a mechanic;

  1. Go to the Mechanics screen and select + to create New


  1. Enter you mechanics contact details and cost per hour
  2. Save



Check this video out for more information:



Reports allow see information on your Sales and/or get contact lists of customers you need to contact for Service Due reminders.

With all reports;

  1. Find the report your after
  2. Select the filter &/or date range as applicable



  1. Click on the Print Icon = this will show you the report on screen and you can then print OR save it as PDF so you can then attach it to an email.71

NOTE: this will open the report in another internet tab or window. If your report does not run, check your internet browser popup blocker settings.

As reports may be added to the system in future, here are some examples of some common reports you may run;

Workshop Reports – inc Service Due Reminders


Customer Reports – inc Customer Statements



Supplier Reports – inc Supplier Balances





User Setup / Maint.

A User is the login details to the workshop software website. If you have purchased 1 user, this means you can only login to workshop software on 1 PC at a time. If you purchase additional users, you can then have more than one person logged in at a time.

To edit another Users login details

  • Click on the Edit button next to the user you wish to edit


To purchase another user and edit their access of what they can do in workshop software

  • Click on the + to purchase another user




  • Follow the prompts


User Settings

To edit your current user details;

  •  Go to User Settings
  • Edit your details as necessary


  • Save

 Add New Mobile users

  • Got to settings
  • User/set up main
  • Click + symbol to add a mechanics mobile app log in


  • Enter in the email and password for the mechanics


  • save

Integrates with Your Entire Toolkit

Workshop Software seamlessly syncs with all the critical systems that power your
business. Accounting, marketing, CRM, purchasing and more all connected
in one place, safely secured in the cloud.

No starting from scratch, lost data or disruption to business.


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Manage your entire workflow in one place from start to finish via an easy-to-use dashboard. Track job progress, stock tracking, quotes, staff allocation, invoicing, and more.

"I needed workshop specific invoicing software, I chose this software as it was the best one I found that could do what I needed. I’m better at organising my work and it looks very professional, I do recommend this software as it’s easy to use."

Zane Kieser,
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Customer Management

Take the stress and time out of managing customers with automated text messages, emails and reminders. Deliver customer service like the ‘big shops’ – without the cost or overstaffing.

"So glad we made the leap and started using this software! We know we don't use it to its full capacity being a small business but it has been a godsend for our sanity! Thanks James and team!"

Deana Blackwood,
Blackford’s Mechanical &
Auto Electrical

Dead Simple Invoicing

Get paid in full and on time, manage cashflow and keep pinpoint accurate books with simple invoicing that integrates directly with your accounting systems.

“The software has simplified the paperwork side of our workshop. Everything in one package, stock to invoice.”

Tommy Glover,
Advance Service Centre

Automated Service

Increase your leads, conversions and income with automated service reminders that bring customers back through your doors. It’s like having a full-time marketing assistant working around-the-clock.

“The System is Awesome. I have been using it for a bit over 12 months now. The sms reminders are fantastic. My customers love get a reminder to service their car and I love my customer returning."

Ted The Tooner

Efficient Customer

Auto-compiled, paperless inspections make job management simple and efficient from first quote to completion. Deliver details and costs to your customers’ smartphones. Then get the go-ahead with one click.

“Really happy with Workshop Software simple and easy to use, also it’s web base so I can access it anywhere to do an invoice as I am mobile Mechanic.”

Michael Triscari
Perth Mobile Mechanics

Technician Productivity

Track technician hours to maximise their productivity (and your profit!) with simple time clocking, job progress tracking and real-time photo management using our innovative mobile app.

“Workshop software is a fantastic application for small to medium workshop environments.Great application which has even bigger and better things to come.”

Ben Broeder,
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Plus So Much More...

“The help guide section of the program is really good. Well explained, also means I don’t have to ring up and I can sit down and learn it better while saving time. The integrations such as Covvs, Repco and Ashdown are really helpful and save a lot of time overall a good program.”

GTN services

“I researched lots of software programs for my new business but they all seemed the same with cluttered screens and complicated operating procedures. I was instantly attracted to Workshop Software’s clean appearance, ease of use and flexibility. The guys have been very helpful and tolerant of my stupid questions.”

AutoCentre Gold Coast

“The best thing about workshop software is pretty much everything.

The integration with myob is amazing, the ease of payments and syncing makes life a million times easier.

The search bar at the top is a little bit of genius, it is just awesome.

The videos showing all the new updates and features are great and actually show you how to do it instead of just an email.

Overall workshop software is awesome.”

Cool Auto Electrics

“Excellent news mate.

Can I just add that the service tech lady who has contacted us in regards to workshop software and reckon is excellent, very professional and quick with her response and it doesn’t matter how stupid our questions are she answered all of them.

You have a great company James I’m glad to be apart of it.. cheers”


“Workshop Software is a fantastic program. Very easy to use, the layout is good and has lots of handy features. The mechanics can login on the phones to make time and data entry a lot easier. If there are any issues you have, the support is quick and amazing too.”

Bosch Car Service

“Workshop Software is simple, yet effective. I love that if I have an issue I can always get help. Their support is so friendly and they know what they’re talking about. We LOVE Workshop Software”

Withcott Service centre


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Workshop Software is an online Workshop management software system designed to streamline your automotive mechanical workshop. Handling all the front end operations from bookings through to job card and invoicing; along with full customer, supplier and product management; plus much more.