FREE Safety Video for Every Workshop

Very Generous Gift from our Partners at Vehicle Visuals.

We hope you are staying safe and well during these extraordinary times. 

Our partners at Vehicle Visuals have had their animation teams working hard to create a new Covid-19 video to help you explain service department safety procedures to customers during the pandemic, giving them peace of mind at this worrying time. 

As usual with all Vehicle Visuals animations, it is designed for use in emails and SMS, service reception areas, social media, newsletters, digital marketing and websites. We have provided a link to the new animation below, and of course, it can be accessed and shared from the Vehicle Visuals integration with Workshop Software. Users of the new vvGarage App can also embed this animation into the Vehicle Visuals area of the vvGarage App for your customers to view at any time. 

Here is the video please feel free to share it with colleagues or other auto repair businesses who you know would benefit. 


Vehicle Visuals Integration with Workshop Software

This is just one of hundreds of videos that explain in simple language many complex service and repair items that you might otherwise be challenged explaining, or spend too much time explaining to the customer when a video lasting 1 to 3 minutes explains it quicker, simpler and more effectively. 

If you’ve not already integrated Vehicle Visuals with Workshop Software, I’d highly recommend taking a look. Many clients report customers approving more work and feel a better customer experience, often seeing the  $30 per month investment paid many times over. 

The integration is purchased direct from Vehicle Visuals, and Workshop Software receive no monetary benefit. We simply want to see all workshops benefit from this amazing tool that will help you to be stronger and profitable and be able to compete with the dealerships.

Check out the integration here: Vehicle Visuals Integration


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