Cash V’s Account customers in Workshop Software

Over the past couple of weeks I have been asked the question: what is the difference between Cash and account customers? Also how this effects the invoices in both XERO and MYOB.

Well here is your answer:

When you are setting up a new customer in the system you have to select if they are cash or account. Cash meaning that when you process an invoice you receive the payment straight away. Account meaning when you process an invoice you enter in the payment terms for example they have 7 days to pay or 30days.

Therefore in either MYOB or Xero depending on what you use for account the cash invoices are processed as paid whereas the account invoices sync as unpaid until you process a customer payment.

Keeping track of your account customer unpaid invoices is simple to with Workshop Software. Just run the customer balances report to see what balances are outstanding. Also use Workshop Software to run customer statements in the reports console.


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