Billing Software for Automobile Shop – Features to Look For

Are you in the process of choosing billing software for your auto or spare parts shop but not sure what to look for? Here’s what you need to know…

A purpose-built billing system is best

Every busy auto shop owner knows the value the right billing software package can add to their business.

Unlike a generic billing system, purpose-built billing software for automobile shop businesses are calibrated to meet the specific needs of your type of business, and can save you time, improve productivity, reduce error rates and help you better manage cash flow.

Most important features to look for

Not all automobile shop invoice software systems are equal. While some include only basic features, others include a handful of additional features which can revolutionize the way your auto shop operates.

Here are the most important features to look for when choosing billing software for your automobile workshop:

  • Simple invoicing: Quickly and easily generates customer invoices directly from the job card (ideally in one click) to ensure you can promptly accept full payment.

  • Ability to split invoices: Can split a single invoice for two customers, as is often required for insurance-related jobs.

  • POS integrations: Allows customers to provide on-the-spot payment via their preferred payment method.

  • Integrates with your accounting systems: Works seamlessly with your accounting package to make life easier for your bookkeeper or accountant and avoid any issues come tax time.

  • Cash flow reporting: Provides complete visibility of your revenue, cash flow and expenses, including overdue accounts.

  • Cloud-based: Ensures important client and account data is always backed up and can’t be lost.

  • Mobile access: Access billing information from any location in the workshop, whether you’re at the service desk or on the workshop floor.

  • Integrates with your workshop management system: Works seamlessly with your customer, booking, inventory, marketing and staff management systems.

A bit about our billing software for automobile shops

Workshop Software has been specifically designed to meet the needs of busy auto shops.

Incorporating all the handy features we’ve just mentioned, Workshop Software is more than just billing software—it’s a complete, end-to-end workshop management system that allows you to manage every aspect of your workshop from a single, easy to use system.

Find out more about our auto workshop software or get started with a free trial.


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